Sunday, October 5, 2008


My ex has a habit of sending me adorable pictures of fuzzy kittens that have been forwarded, like, 5,000 times. There are reasons why she's my ex. Today she sent me the cartoon above. I know she was planning on walking away from her mortgage. I wonder how that's going. Don't worry about a thing though, soon we'll have a MOM just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Our local national guard unit isn't getting sent to Iraq again. They're getting sent to Afghanistan this time. I forget whether this is their third or fourth deployment. And just think, George Bush joined the guard to avoid Viet Nam.

I'm still kind of nuts.

I Walked With A Zombie - Roky Erickson And The Aliens

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ib said...

Yesterday on the BBC the bulletin from Afghanistan repeatedly insisted that the official line has been amended:

"this war cannot be won; the priority is to contain the insurgency with the help of the Afghan coalition."

This narrated over an endless wave of Taliban insurgents riding across the desert on enough motorcycles to keep Kawasaki in profit for the rest of this year. Many of them apparently decked out in 'liberated' US and British military paraphernalia.

Oh yes, and I hear that Kissinger is doing a great job in schooling Palin not in foreign diplomacy, but in pronunciation.

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