Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Fort Slocum, New York. James J. Braddock, former heavyweight champion of the world, and his manager, Joseph Gould, have joined the Atlantic Coast Transportation Corps Officers Training School, which opened recently. They have received commissions of first lieutenants. Lieutenant Braddock and Lieutenant Gould are doing rifle calisthenics under instruction from Sergeant John A. Bender, who was accidentally shot by Gould during the photo op.

Just finished watching the frankly stupid movie, "Cinderella Man".


Hagar's Daughter said...

Did this really happen?

Cinderella Man is such a forgetable movie - one of many.

Jon said...

According to Wikipedia it really happened. They, in turn, cite a military source for the picture and caption. "Photo Op" was not a term in use in 1942. Actually, the movie was forgettable and reactionary. Remember the brother who was a union man and an organizer? He was a drunken fool while Jim Braddock is portrayed as a rugged individualist who fought alone and stood on his own two feet, blah blah blah. Really, Braddock was a friend of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement.

ib said...

Where was Sergeant Bilko when all this was going down ?

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