Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just wondering.

The video is Cynthia McKinney speaking at the ILWU rally in SF last week. She was pretty much the high point of the whole thing. I suppose Danny Glover did a good job too, but people get overexcited about celebrities. I could have done without the folk singers.

Anyone who has read Cynthia McKinney's stuff, seen the documentary etc. knows full well that she's not crazy, but that's the story and all kinds of people (most of them white) believe it. I mean, she says things that dispute the veracity of a certain world view and anyone who would do that must be crazy. She couldn't possibly see the world differently. She couldn't be speaking out of a completely different experience, could she? Because that would be crazy.

Then there's Reverend Wright, you know, our future president's little "embarassment". I don't have any trouble with the guy. I thought Obama might be alright because of his association with him, and that's because I knew who Reverend Wright was before he was "discovered" by the Republican party.

Not only did I know who he was, I knew that he was coming from a theology that had a whole history and a body of scholarship behind it, but let's not discuss that because that would be crazy.

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Hagar's Daughter said...

What I appreciate about Cynthia McKinney is that she refuses to "sit down and shut up." She is a tenacious woman who asks direct questions. She is my choice for president, but to believe is...crazy.

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