Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hagar's Daughters

Here's a wonderful quote that I found at the Hagar's Daughters blog:

We have to do things we've never done before in order to have things we've never had before. - Cynthia McKinney, Congresswoman


Hagar's Daughter said...

Thanks for showing some link luv.

Jon said...

I read that quote shortly after having a really good conversation. The substance of the conversation was about reaching beyond our limits. I'm about ready to have many of my cherished prejudices smashed along with the fears that nurture them. I have a feeling that will lead me to do things I never could have done before which will take me places I never could have gone before.

Also wanted to link to you because I was still thinking about your post on incompetent parents and I was hoping to lead someone else to it. It would be easy enough to accuse my own parents of being incompetent, except I know how hard they tried and how much they cared. They had their own problems though, many of them problems that had been passed down to them.

All of this somehow struck sparks with your post. I haven't thought it all the way through, but there was something going on there. I'll let you know what comes up.

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