Saturday, July 16, 2011

This happened to me.

One time I got up really early in the morning and went for a walk. It was winter time and everything was covered in rime frost. As the sun rose, the frost lit up in brilliant yellows and reds. It dawned on me that everything I thought I knew was actually on fire. Soon enough the world I thought was real would be nothing but dust and ashes.

When I got home from the walk I started to run a high fever. I was feverish all that day.

This was not a bad experience at all.


ib said...

"When I got home from the walk I started to run a high fever. I was feverish all that day.

This was not a bad experience at all."

I keep waking in the early hours just before dawn. Consumed by dread. A list of things I have promised to do and have not done.

I know I will feel marginally better, if only I rouse myself to chip away at it. Much of this anxiety centres around filling in forms. I hate this kind of activity. I am not good at it.

If I can get this form filling out of the way, I can make a start on the rest of it.

At two and three AM I can hear the foxes grabbing up young seagulls in their jaws. They have tumbled from their nests on the tenement roofs and have not yet learned to fly.

The parent gulls screech and dive at the foxes like hurricane fighter planes. The foxes are very nimble, and skulk off under the concrete shelter which houses our trash to tear at their prize.

This has been going on for weeks now. It will keep on until all the baby gulls are gone or learn to take to the air.

I liked this piece. I liked the economy.

Jon said...

I have forms galore to fill out. All from the state of California. The franchise tax board wants me to pay them the money I owe. The department of motor vehicles wants me to transfer the title to my car. An acquaintance wants me to apply for visitation rights to come see him in the penitentiary. I've decided not to prioritize any of that shit.
By the way, I do know that I should visit the sick, the friendless and the imprisoned but the guy's a bit of a sociopath and visiting people in jail involves more humiliations than air travel and that's saying a lot.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If I looked at the world the way you did that frosty freeze morning up here where the football we play is Canadian it would be like living in Hell, or Afghanistan, whichever came first.

theo said...

Fevers! Nature’s way of giving you cost-free drug experiences. For me, one time I was really sick I had a waking dream that I was able to write down in my mind (delirious though it was) and remember it until this day. The title of the dream was (and is), “And God Came to Nascar”, which is kind of fitting in a way considering the XTIAN crap Nascar flogs. It’s an SF story and perhaps one of these days I’ll write it down but I have too many fucking doodles to do at the moment. :)

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