Sunday, July 10, 2011

What I hate and why I hate it so much.

I sure am glad I don't have a television. I mostly stay away from newspapers too. It's not hard to keep track of whatever I find interesting. I like the internet. I can filter out some amount of the crap that is being fed to me.

So Mr. Hope and Change is escalating four wars while negotiating cuts in social security and medicaid. Let's get clear on something, sociopathy is the norm. We live in a society where virtually everyone has embraced the role of victim or perpetrator. Most of us are happy to play either part depending on which role the masters demand of us. Our job at the moment is to uncomplainingly shovel babies into the jaws of Moloch, 24/7. Whatever it takes to keep us on the job is what we can expect. The word from on high is that Moloch hungers and we must have our rations cut to satisfy him. Buckle down and hope for better times. His appetites cannot be denied.

So that's what our free enterprise system looks like to me; a world of slaves who feed themselves to an inhuman archon and struggle to meet his expectations; a death camp where the prisoners guard each other while they wait for their time in the ovens.

But what about our exciting lives? Our favorite shows? The edifying spectacle of news and information that forms our opinions. Why am I talking shit when some woman has murdered her own child? Am I incapable of compassion? Why can't I see that I am engaged in idle chatter while a terrible injustice has gone unpunished?

My fucking point exactly. A woman has failed to meet her assigned role. Her job is to prepare that young life for destruction not to destroy it herself. Who does she think she is? That child will never be free to know the joys of subservience. Isn't that woman contemptible? Well, I suppose she is and even our bleak world has it's bright moments. Everyone deserves their chance at whatever happiness this world might afford them. No one should be murdered. Right?  Especially not by their own mother.

Let's get clear on something else. Society talks a lot of shit. We find it convenient to talk shit about protecting the innocent but societies reproduce themselves. Every institution in any society exists to perpetuate that society and regardless of any pious hypocrisy, when ever an institution, the family, the church, what fucking ever, is doing something again and again, no matter how little you like it, that is one of it's functions. Brutality, terror, rape, murder and incest are as common as bullshit in our society and that's because they are functions of society. I'll admit they're some of the more extreme functions but they serve the same purpose as every other mechanism: to produce properly functioning members of society.

And so what if some percentage of society is broken and insane? Let them serve as a warning to the rest of us. Let them bear the burden of society's dark side. Let them remind us of what good mommies and daddies and babies are supposed to be like. So long as we have bad TV mommies to hate we don't need to look at the whole evil institution or question our compliance with it. The archon reigns supreme and we live at his sufferance.

I know that I'm damaged and not quite sane. I know that anyone I will ever love will be damaged and insane. I know this too. Of the many damaged and insane people I have ever loved the only ones I will ever love without reservation are the ones who have declared war on the system of mental slavery, who struggle to break their "mind forg'd manacles". 

Look, I will not do all of your home work for you. Google the word "archon". Consider the possibility that you live in a false world created by a false god. Consider the possibility that you have worshipped him all of your life.

I am hurt and angry right now. I am not avoiding the specifics of my feelings. My mood will change. My heart will lighten. I will not worship the god of this world.


BW said...

Yeah . . . maybe my blog will cheer you up:

uniplmr1 said...

Thats right, be a fucking slave or be a revolutionary. It's down to that, especially in Amerika, but all over the world ,too. It only seems like insanity when you can and do think for yourself. It can get lonely out here but it's the right place to be. I don't care what they do, they can't have me. Nice writing, Jon, I can feel it.

Jon said...

Hi Bill, thanks.
Tim, thanks for coming over the other day.

ish said...

That was bitterly eloquent Jon. Or maybe eloquently bitter. Which seems to be what the moment calls for, doesn't it.

I'm having a debate with an atheist on another blog. I like your point of view better.


Jon said...

ish, It's essentially William Blake's view. An old Spart girlfriend turned me on to Blake 35 years ago. At the time I was calling myself an atheist.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

For a few decades, the shit, it rolled downhill slow. Seems like it has sped up some over the last nickel. Saw a sign outside a church today. It said prayer is the next best thing to being there. And all this time I thought camping was the next best thing to being there.

Nazz Nomad said...

I have trouble with the whole deity thing as I am grounded in logic. But man, do I hope I'm wrong. But if I'm wrong the (insert deity of choice) has sure got some explaining to do.

Jon said...

Nazz dude, I know you. Like the rest of us, you use logic as a tool. Sometimes you have trouble doing that much. It's OK. And please, keep in mind, here I'm not talking about what god you need to worship, I'm talking about what god you need to defy. "Prisons," as Blake once said,"are built from blocks of law and brothels from bricks of religion."
You've got some of the defiance stuff down pretty good.

theo said...

I hope you don’t get sick of me. I am working my up your posts from last to most recent. Yes, sociopathy is the norm. Almost everyone that has attained a position of power has done so because they are a sociopath. The world is a bureaucracy and sociopaths excel in bureaucracies. The only place where bureaucracies don’t exist, we have shit-eating asswipes like the Penis brothers funding the idiocy that is rampant America these days.

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