Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just wondering

Who is it that keeps coming here from Cocoa Beach, Florida? You're one of the great mysteries of this blog. I often wonder who you are. I also wonder what Happened to Sarah from Mississippi. She used to comment here all the time and then she disappeared. She left behind a cryptic hint as to her email address. I figured it out and wrote her. I never heard back.
What's to do in Cocoa Beach now that you can't watch the space shuttle taking off? The weather there must be awful this time of year. The weather here at the other end of the country is overcast and somewhat chilly. I like it. I like it here but that's a long story.
I had a little adventure for a couple of months. It was good. I'd do it again. What do you do for adventures in Cocoa Beach?

Life's A Gas- Southern Culture on the Skids (Buy) 

In the summer time there are little frogs in my bathroom. I like them. They're almost tame. Sometimes They'll stand on my foot to keep from getting washed down the shower drain.

I know I should be concerned about politics right now, but I get so pissed off when I try that I stopped trying- for the moment. If anybody wants to actually, you know, do something, count me in. I mostly listen to music. Music is good.


ish said...

I get over a hundred hits every week on my blog because I posted a picture of Oscar the Grouch on Oscar Night. What do people looking for a picture of a Sesame Street character think when they stumble on The Cahokian? And according to my stats, Saudi Arabia is the fourth-largest of my all-time audience after the US, UK & Canada, though I don't seem to see this as it happens. Isn't it all strange? Have you ever followed the link on my blog for Big Ass Belle? She's in Oklahoma and I think you'd like her writing. She knows Bill too.

Jon said...

Most of my random hits come from people searching for 'poems about assholes' or, 'asshole boyfriend poem'. Didn't Rimbaud cover that topic better than me? I also get a lot of hits for 'Cholas' and people come here looking for a song by The Clefs of Lavender Hill. I mostly hear from regular readers. I'm glad they're out there. I'll check out Big Ass Belle.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Looks like the Republicans are still pissed at San Francisco for beating Texas in the World Series.

@eloh said...

I fully intended to say something about your post... but my mind has been over run with "Big Ass Belle".

As you know from facepage... my washer broke... it was the day before we had company for a week.

Finally I broke down and set off to find an all night laundry... the fans and air had been turned off.... ahhhh Southern Nights..... anyway... I sat down in one of the yard chairs outside to take in the cool night air.... and when I got up it stuck to my ass.... I panic'ed... I'm really old but still have a measure of vanity... HOW COULD THIS BE????? When did my ass grow? Oh the shame of it all.... then I noticed it was a childs chair... Oh well... never mind.

uniplmr1 said...

Yeah. What you said. If you ever do start a band, I think "asshole boyfriend poem " could be a good name for it or a big hit song title. I've been listening to Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson in my head ever since I went over there for coffee. Thanks.

tip said...

Hi From Cocoa Beach! I have a daily visit list of idiosyncratic blogs...yours included ( I also hit Doc 40). I follow a retired teacher on Cape Cod & an apparently bored diplomatic wife in Spain & others. I'm reaching for views a little out of mainstream. FYI, Cocoa Beach is a sleepy little beach town on a barrier island eight miles from the mainland. Yes it is hot, but not as hot as the midwest & there is almost always a sea breeze. Quite pleasant. Try the "Cat In the Bag" blog for more local flavor. Keep up the blogging & I'll be listening in!

Nazz Nomad said...

cocoa beach is where major nelson and jeannie lived. major nelson was a total douchebag. if i had a genie like jeannie I wudda had dr. bellows turned into a newt in about 1.5 seconds.

Jon said...

Tip, a pleasure to finally meet you! I seem to be in a writing mood lately. I'll try and give you some content a little more often.
Beer, you know, that explains a lot.
@eloh, What is it with getting older and shame? I ain't buyin' into it.
Uniplumr, keep coming over for coffee. You're welcome anytime. If I'm not home just let yourself in and make a pot. I would appreciate it if you left a note though.
Nazz, Major Nelson is one of the creepier products of American pop culture. I'd turn him into a newt too, if I had the chance. I mean too as in also, him and Dr. Bellows both. Most of the people on Gilligan's Island too. I'd spare the June Taylor dancers though. The high point of my young life was watching the June Taylor dancers kicking their way across the screen at the beginning of the Jackie Gleason show.
Oh.... oh.....
Once I went to a meeting and the speaker was this hysterically funny elderly woman who told the most incredible stories about show bizness and madness and state hospitals and prisons and HER CAREER AS A MEMBER OF THE JUNE TAYLOR DANCERS. Although she was close to 80 I considered hitting on her just to satisfy the unformed but ardent yearnings of my 11 year old self.

ib said...

"Music is good".

Sometimes music is all there is.

As usual, I can be depended on to be more or less the opposite of dependable. I've been reading up on some of your more recent posts. Joining the dots.

Last night they burned down a good part of Tottenham Court Road. Whoever 'they' is. I have not set foot in Tottenham Court Road for decades. The newsreel footage they showed of a charred 1930's shell on the corner meant very little to me, filmed as it was from a helicopter. I remember Tottenham Court Road, if at all, from a place on the pavement; looking up. Passing through.

Last week a famous singer died. Sales of her back catalogue spiked.

I have never even heard of Cocoa Beach. Redondo Beach, emphatically; Echo Beach, irritatingly. And I am always partial to the Beach Boys.

Good to see Tim, Brother Jon. And the rechristened 'Just Frankie', too. Good to soak up your writing, always, no matter the prompt.

What ? You can't stretch out horizontal and watch the space shuttle maybe taking off these days ? That is one small backwards step. Period.

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