Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post Halloween Post

A tiny witch in San Francisco's Cole Valley. Photo stolen from SFist.

There's two kinds of incredibly stupid discussions of Halloween going around, both coming from grown ups. First there's the incredibly stupid claim that Halloween is a Satanic holiday that should be boycotted by all gosh fearing Xtians. If you're reading this blog you don't need to hear my opinion on that one. An even more tiresome incredibly stupid discussion is coming from GROWNUPS who in some way disapprove of Halloween because it is just not fun enough for them. "Halloween in The Castro was ruined by straight teenage tourists." or "I'm so wild and free that every day is Halloween for me. I leave October 31st to the amateurs who've ruined it for us real free spirits."

Oh POOP, Halloween is for kids and kids unfailingly do a great job of celebrating Halloween. I saw a ton of incredibly cool costumes last night. All of them being worn by kids. Halloween addresses all kinds of kid issues about fantasy and fear and being someone else and kids, for the most part, get it just fine. Costumed grownups pouting about Halloween are about as attractive as grownups who cry at Christmas because they never got a pony. Let kids have some fun for a change without your cranky grownup ass getting in the way.

Diablo Con Antifaz (Devil In Disguise)- Baldemar Huerta as Freddy Fender (Buy)


Birdsong said...

Devil in Disguise Young boys in Nudie suits. Looking back they can hardly be considered grownups.

Jon said...

Poor Gram. He was racing towards death. His nudie suit freaks me out.

ib said...

Those PC elements lobbying for the outlawing of Halloween are beginning to make an impact in our schools here in the UK.

Last year, Halloween costumes were banned altogether at our local primary school in a bid to encourage the kids to dress in 'alternative' traditional Highland dress. Nothing remotely to do with Halloween at all, in short.

The year before that, My son was obliged to remove his rubber mask in case it "terrified" any of the other kids in the playground. This year he went for the Darth Vader look. Alright, I suppose, but it's a bid sad seeing a lot of kids turned out in Barbie pink and tiaras instead of conical hats and broomsticks.

Nice line about "Halloween in the Castro".

Jon said...

Brother Ib! Good to hear from you. You haven't dropped by for a few days and I was wondering what was up. Beer's computer seems to be down and Nazz Nomad is lost in the cess pit of Las Vegas. You're one of the guys I depend on.

Nazz Nomad said...

isn't life hard enough without people pouring water all over our good times? any opportunity to take some of the pressure off should be relished, not derided.

or something.

Jon said...

Nazz, some people think that nothing matters unless you get it right. Even fun.

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