Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't waste it on dogs!

I can't tell if these poems were supposed to be funny. They're certainly funny as read. Anybody who has ever written poetry has written some bad poetry. Don't take it hard Suzanne.

What the hell just happened to the font?


@eloh said...

Yeah, no, these are serious poems written by a rich idiot.

They are exceptionally bad, and really funny when this woman reads them aloud.

I hate to say it but anyone would have been better off talking to a dog then bothering with her. She's still pretty self centered.

I knew she had written a book about her alcoholic fathers abuse,...didn't know about the idiot poems.

I guess it is because of the book that I think she was attempting to be serious.

Jon said...

I agree, the poems are awful and it's unlikely she knew it. The woman doing the reading is really good though.

Nazz Nomad said...

Kristen Wiig is the best thing on Saturday Nite Live.

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