Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas cheer.

A pack o' Luckies, a pint of Old Overholt and a pearl handled derringer for Christmas.

Big Rock Candy Mountain, an excellent music blog, will be posting tons of Christmas songs from now until December 25th.

I dislike Christmas music so intensely that I have become obsessed with finding bearable Christmas songs. What began as the Phil Spector Christmas album has expanded into an almost twenty four hour long playlist of Christmas tunes that don't drive me nuts. I'll try and post one occasionally. I suppose this means that I like Christmas music.

Christmas In Vietnam- Johnny and Jon (Buy)

C'mon Santa- Mach Bell and his Elves (Buy)


ib said...

What an opening line.

And what a seasonal advertisment of good cheer. I like it. Just what the doctor - and my dentist - ordered.

I have never heard "Christmas in Vietnam". Right now there is a hair dryer blasting loud enough in one corner to make one imagine incoming Hueys and B52's.

As soon as the chidren are groomed, watered and fed I intend to give it (Johnny & Jon) my undivided attention.

A cash-in from Louisana, eh ? Neat.

Jon said...

C'mon Santa never fails to make me laugh. Mostly because every toy he mentions was on my Christmas list when I was 12.

Christmas in Vietnam never fails to bum me out because there are thousands and thousands of young Americans in equally fucked up spots right now. No one has been able to explain why. Not to my satisfaction anyway.

ib said...

Nothing really changes, except for the soundtrack and the camouflage print.

ib said...

Well. It took me until the following morning - no smell of napalm - to get my ears to catch up. Sounds like Marin Scorcese might comfortably have included this in that bar scene in 'Mean Streets'; the one with one of the older Carradine brothers.

"Dear Johnny and Jon..."

@eloh said...

Christmas holds some strange memories. I spent eight straight years overseas. Never even got a Christmas card from my mother though she was telling my father otherwise.

I couldn't listen to "I'll be home for Christmas" in public, caused a chink in my armour.

All year long...Armed Forces Radio would play any three songs followed by Mel Tillis singing "Stateside". That one would probably bring me more pain to hear now than I could bear.

@eloh said...

By the way, I had never heard this song either, Thanks.

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