Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shorter hours

I'm working shorter hours. I'm much less likely to fall asleep at the wheel. I might have something to say for myself later. In the meantime, if you don't have this record, do what you must to acquire it. Just because I luv u.

Mosquito Crucifixion- The Suicide Commandos (Buy)


@eloh said...

Listened earlier. Glad to see things slacking up...is that a good thing?

Jon said...

It's very good. For the next few years at least, my job is not being threatened. I have very high seniority at a job where seniority is everything. I'm supposed to be making the long dollars towards retirement, but I get tired. I know guys who are looking to retire soon who have not had a day off in more than a year. They intend to retire in style. I am just looking to retire any way I can. I hope that I will not have to sit at a freeway off ramp with a sign that reads, "Will drive buses for food."

ib said...

Any reduction in hours can only be a good thing; for one's sanity if not one's pocket.

One half day off in more than a year ? Fuck that, compadre.

Very soon, I suspect, retirement plans the world over will be a thing of the past. Those investment f@ckers have not learned any lessons.

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