Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Protests Have Started.

I noticed that one of my 12 "followers" has stopped following me. I can see that angry poetry lovers are voting with their feet and leaving for some other arts journal and blog that will look upon their favorite poet and smile.

Speaking of protests. I'm not offended that the asshole from South Carolina called Obama a liar. I'm offended that during the entire eight years of George Bush's presidency not one single Democrat blew up at him and called him a liar. I understand that a lot of old, white men are frightened by Obama. Why wasn't one single Democrat frightened by George Bush? I mean frightened enough to yell at him.

Fuck this polite shit. It's time to set up the Obama people's tribunals and start executing counter revolutionaries or at least making them write something on the blackboard 100 times.


@eloh said...

Hey! Who you callin' an asshole?

I getting a permanent neck ache from shaking my head...this latest ACORN vomit... I'm stunned. Maybe it's time we all start a little rabble rousing of our own.

Sarah in Mississippi said...

All politicians are assholes. Why single out one? :)

Nazz Nomad said...

Obama is half white. I think the whole anti-Obama thing is done by self hating white folk... sorta like the anti-gay politico's and preachers are the ones in the glory holes.

I fully advocate "re-education camps" for all Repubugnikkans.

Steven said...

LOl, I was thinking the same thing about the "you lie" fella. Obviously, he voiced his opinion incorrectly, but at least he made his opinion known. As far as I could tell, with Dubya, the dem's were just kind of going along with the flow.
At least the guy didn't fling a shoe at Obama.

ib said...

Well. Two of my "followers" left me some time back too. One came back after a while and has chosen to linger.

I am not really sure what all this 'followers' business is all about, or what strange etiquette might be involved. Most of my "followers" run sites I check in on when I am able; "follow me, follow you", if I follow that one correctly. I find it all mildly disconcerting.

Especially the discomfort I felt when those two 'followers' appeared to get sufficiently irritated as to sever all ties.

I remember how irritable I have gotten in the past, myself, when some individual or another hashad the effrontery to snuff my efforts at reciprocal linking. Now, it seems, linking in itself is no longer the polite thing. It's all too much, man. I can't even get my head around Twitter, never mind this 'Google Knights of the Round Table' or whatever else it may be.

There will be no revolution. It has been cancelled until we all get bored Tweeting and Twattering.

Speaking of which, I wasted quite a bit of my day earlier playing at being a virtual burger joint entrepreneur. No nearly as bad as running oneself ragged in McDonalds for minimum wage.

Jon said...

Sarah, All politicians are liars. Why single out one? I'm disappointed but not surprised by Obama's failed attempts at bipartisanship but I have to point out that I come from an Obama stronghold. Half the cars on the street still have Obama stickers. The other half took them off after the election. I'll have to say that Obama may be a liar, but he's my liar and I'm still proud of him. The way the senate is set up, the most wingnutty 10 percent of the country gets to run things for the other 90 percent of us but when you attack Obama you really are messing with a lot of people.

Jon said...

Ib, I don't worry too much about my followers. I think half of them never actually show up here. I enjoy the fact that two of them are members of the clergy and one of them is a guy who calls himself "Satansserpent". One of the clergy members, "Revvyrev" is a pretty interesting guy. I'm sure he never reads my blog, but I check on his every once in a while.

Frankiecon said...

I agree with IB. I noticed a lot of log rolling with the following thing. Does it make my blog better if I get 100 people to follow me while I follow the same 100. I'll like you if you like me. And I'll comment on you if you comment on me. Most comments from these followers are vapid and shallow. Agreeing with everything, never giving good advice and criticism. Maybe I got the whole thing wrong. Maybe its all about community.

Jon, I hope to see you at High Noon sometime. I go almost every weekday now, except next week my gf is visiting me and I may only make a few.

Frankiecon said...

About the current political atmosphere. One thing I don't like about what the president is doing is his attempt to cross the aisle and make deals with people who's sole purpose is to make sure his presidency derails. Great book by Max Blumenthal called Republican Gemorrah. Listen to an archive of an interview with him on NPR's Fresh Air archive or watch Democracy Now's archive This guy opened my eyes to what has happened to the GOP since the Christian folks had so much pull.

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