Saturday, January 9, 2010

I went back to Alameda to see my Dad yesterday. He was in a cranky mood. He wanted me to take him out for pizza. When he found out I didn't have time he started pouting. He complained a lot about how life sucked since his girlfriend, Ellory, died. I really liked Ellory. How she got stuck with my Dad I'll never understand. When Ellory was alive my father used to complain about how life sucked since my Mom died. Sometimes Ellory would interrupt him to ask him if he'd ever had any good times with her. He lit a cigar, stank up the room and sulked. He never once said anything good about Ellory when I was around.

The unexamined life ain't worth livin' friends.

I finally got the old man to put on his oxygen thing. He perked up a little bit but he still wanted me to know that he didn't like some of the groceries that I'd brought him and he wasn't going downstairs because all of those people were old and he didn't like any of them. A lady from the staff called and asked him if he was OK because he didn't come down for lunch. He yelled at her to leave him alone. What a guy.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I jumped on a bus and made it back to SF for an acupuncture appointment. Acupuncture really seems to be helping my breathing, plus it is strangely psychedelic. After all of the pins go in I feel wonderfully relaxed. I usually fall asleep in the chair. Yesterday I fell asleep and had psychedelic dreams. I woke up with a bunch of needles sticking out of my face and thought, "Jesus. This is realy fun!" I mean it was all fun. The needles were fun. The acupuncturist, Jennifer, was fun. The other people in the room were fun. The chair was fun. The traffic noise from the street was fun. So much fun.

This is my all time favorite sad song.

Who Will The Next Fool Be?- Charlie Rich (Buy)


ib said...

Those acupuncture pins actually do sound kind of fun. Like getting multiple piercings without the excessive bleeding and subsequent infections.

What's more, it's good it is helping you with your breathing. I could probably do with some of that. My snoring is driving even me insane, although I'm not so sure it actually wakes me. The jabbing elbow in my throat or temple is a more probable cause.

Actually, it has not been quite so bad since I cut out the drinking entirely these past few days.

Mind you. Rosa insisted on bringing home a couple of bottles of red after visiting her brother.

If I start in with the snoring and grunting tonight it will be my retribution.

Anonymous said...

The unexamined life ain't worth livin' friends.

needed that about now...cheers,


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