Saturday, January 9, 2010

I can't find a replacement halogen bulb for my reading light. I finally decided it would probably be less trouble to buy a new lamp. I went to K MART in Santa Rosa. They have got lots of cheap, Chinese made crap.

There was hardly anyone in the store. They had giant drums of orange things that were supposed to be some kind of food. They had tons of decorative throw pillows. There were lots of empty shelves. So much cheap crap. It looked a poor person's apartment after a burglary.

The section with lamps and light bulbs was mostly empty. The did not have the kind of light bulb I need and they had about six really, really ugly table lamps. I couldn't bring myself to buy one. It was nice to see the place failing.

I was reading yesterday that someone asked Allen Ginsberg what exactly was going on. It was the sixties and some people were macrameing their nose hairs and some young people had admitted to having had sex. Some other people were being "turbulent" about the mass slaughter in Viet Nam or else they were being "turbulent" about being treated like shit, which didn't use to be something you could be "turbulent" about. You are not allowed to be "turbulent" about that again, but for a little while some people were "turbulent" anyhow.

So you can see why some one would be concerned and ask Allen Ginsberg, leading American poet, what was going on.

Supposedly Ginsberg said, "A lot of people are lonely. It is very strange... being in a body."

That makes a lot of sense to me.

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ib said...

What a great bunch of writing over these last three posts...

Really neat.

That's the thing with these halogen bulbs. They are notoriously difficult to replace. Even when you finally locate the right one, the cost is staggering. I have had a couple a tiny halogen 'desk' lights. Usually, I would just prop one up on the bed and revel in the white light. With or without a book.

I think both those lamps together cost less than one replacement bulb.

I am glad you write about it being nice to see the K Mart failing. We have similarly depressing 'superstores' here. I would like to go in one sometime and get really "turbulent".

Then again. Fuck 'em. Let them die slowly.

Anonymous said...


interesting times and observations...loved it...

'a lot of people are lonely...'


Birdsong said...

What ib and Todd said...

You're becoming a freaking fine artiste, Jon.

Steven said...

Hell, I didnt know kmart was still around. I went into a "Tractor Supply Store" today to look for a giant leather glove to go over my wrapped up hand. Started looking through the store, just about everything....Made in China. Sad for a store that claims to be where "America's Farmers" shop. Literally one pair of USA workbooks (Justins, I believe).

Some of my Ginsberg fav's

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