Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Everything would be better if I owned this unbearably cool ukulele. I deserve it. I have chickens in my yard. They eat out of my hand. They look puzzled but politely curious when I play the ukulele for them. I don't want much from life (Ha!).

This ukulele was restored and hand painted by some folks in Tucson who call themselves Xylocopa. This is far from the most spectacular instrument they've built, but it's the one that calls my name.

This photo of me, aged approximately 13 or 14 turned up on the internet recently. Thanks Rick. I had already begun to develop my unique fingering technique.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That photo would still make a great picture sleeve for a punk rock 45. We call that fingering technique the Trudeau Salute in these parts.

ib said...

Yes. Very cool. And I like how the winsome smile distracts the casual observer from the one finger toast. Great piece of sleight of hand.

Do you recall your comment on that photograph I posted a while back ? You were right. Nice symmetry with the knitwear, brother.

ib said...

Oh. And the haircut too.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Makes me wonder if Jon's mom and dad ever had him wear a leisure suit!

Jon said...

That sweater predates leisure suits. The picture was taken sometime around 1968. Do not forget that I am an elderly gentleman. I was flipping people off when you were still sperm. I will say that I was often dressed in odd high fashion cast offs. My dad worked in the New York garment district and he would periodically come home with fancy "samples" and force me to wear them. I was raised in New Jersey and forced to wear designer hand me downs. Now do you understand why I drank?

@eloh said...

I would sent you to the blog where this is posted but she is locked down and in hiding from her MIL.

The last of this 4min clip she is playing a uke!

Nazz Nomad said...

"I have chickens in my yard" is perhaps the greatest line in the history of poetry. It is a self contained poem, statement, and doctrine all at once.
You have just kept me off the ledge for another day.

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