Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dream of Life

I'm watching this movie, 'Patti Smith- Dream of Life'. It seems like Patti Smith spends a lot of time sitting around in her room by herself. Just like me. She's talking to some guy about all of the times they've had to piss in bottles. She has a lot of odd stuff in her room by the way. She has a cheap stereo. I recognized it. It is identical to the one I bought in the hardware store. Cedar Lake, Indiana. 1978. It really sucked. Wow.

Her daughter has a ukulele.

In some of the older footage she has a real strong Jersey accent. Then she gets older and the accent goes away. Same thing happened to me. Wow again. I have so much in common with Patti Smith. She's real skinny though. I bet if she'd been a bus driver she'd have gotten fat.


@eloh said...

Where did you find this movie? Seems like something I should watch.

Jon said...

Nothing fancy. rented it from the video store next to the grocery store. I'd imagine Netflix has it. I'd be surprised if they didn't. It might be a little hard to fathom if you're not a Patti Smith fan. I certainly am. I've been one for years. I liked it real well.

@eloh said...

I'm gonna search it out.

Joe said...

Jon, if you have the right kind of head you can bring alot of the world into any room. Joe

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is your best poem yet Jon.

Patti Smith was my Sarah Palin back in the old punk rock day.

ib said...

New Jersey Devil Doll chokes on backwoods weed.

I pissed in bottles a lot myself when I lived in a shelter. Or hostel, as they call them here.

I was not drinking at all during this period, but it was quite amazing how quickly one could fill on of these plastic litre and a half jobs.

It was wiser to go about things this way than "pissing in the river" of communal toilets and navigating the corridors to get there and back. And "slop out" in the morning.

wv = wivie, curiously.

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