Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Mad Peck Studios, 1969

Consider if you will, this radio piece on The Holy Modal Rounders. I've been listening to a lot of funny jazz and jugband music. My current interest was inspired by recent ukulele excursions, however, it's roots go back many years to my interest in the Holy Modal Rounders: the other example of genius to emerge from the great New York folk music scare of the 1960's.

Alright, I'm gonna try this shit, but I have seemingly angered the technology godz. Here, the evil ones willing is Happy Rolling Cowboy from a late iteration of the Rounders.

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ib said...

Stampfel sounds like his really been through the wringer, but at least his humour goes intact. Didn't know Weber stormed off to West Virginia in a huff. Great snapshot.

I'm assuming Crumb's Cheap Suit Serenaders must've been big fans.

wv = halurd, as in "halurd be thy name".

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