Sunday, April 19, 2009

The grand experiment

Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant. The image was taken from If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger... Probably the coolest site on the entire web.

I had a visit from the great Doctor Wayne today. We were listening to music and railing against The Man. We both agreed that, if we lived in a free world, everyone would be free to be their truest selves. Your cultural identity, your gender, your sexuality would not have to meet anyone's expectations but rather be the truest and freest expression of your real self.

"Just think," I said, "There could be hillbillies playing Bebop! It would be magnificent!"

Of course, some of us have minds that will not be constrained. Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant gave us hillbilly bebop more than fifty years ago. Wayne Hancock continues the tradition to this very day.

So here's the deal on me, Dr Wayne, Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant and Wayne Hancock: I hate imeem as much as you do. Maybe more. I'm trying a little experiment here. Let me know if it works. OK?


Sarah said...

Worked fine for me ... thanks for sharing! Fun way to start the day.

ib said...

Biog improvement.

(That first bit was a spelling mistake, but I decided to let it ride.)

ib said...

I must say, Jon. I enjoyed both of these grass burnt offerings tremendously. It's a fine thing, too, that Mr. Hancock ha refused to allow such an interesting hybrid to lie fallow.

Jon said...

Thanks to both of you. I'll be posting more music soon, but first I wanted to make sure the files were accessible. It took a couple of tries to get it set up where you didn't have to log in but you wouldn't have access to all of my files.

Stratosphere Boogie particularly seems timeless, in the sense that it is immediately recognizable, even though it is completely new and different- As though you've known it all of your life, even though you've never heard it before.

~Babz~ said...

"hillbillies playing Bebop" now that's funny!

Jon said...

Babz, nice to hear from you. Did you click on the links? You can hear hillbillies playing bebop on the pedal steel guitar. Great stuff.

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