Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ron Asheton RIP.

I've been on my old sweetheart, Kimmie, for years. She has got to write her memoir. Unfortunately, it took the death of the great Ron Asheton to get her started. She's written a brief reminiscence about her encounters with the Stooges circa 1973. Man this is long overdue. Click here.

Just to jog her memory, here's a picture of my old friend, Bob, back in our Ann Arbor days.


Kim DiJulio said...

I don't know how Ann Arbor was other years, but 1973-1974 had to be a pretty ripe time. Bob, in your picture, would know more about Ann Arbor in general, but I did live big that year. I left for A2 on April Fools and left A2 a year later on Aril Fools. I Ieft for NYC. The thought of being a big fish in a small pond just didn't strike me as my final dream. Not with the thought of NYC dangling in front of me. But Ann Arbor was priceless. Kim DiJ Thanks Jon

ib said...

Sad news, indeed. What really strikes me the most with regards to Ron's demise, is that he was only found after a business associate raised the alarm; nobody else appears to have noticed his absence.

He was a massively underrated guitarist for many years following Iggy's departure. The last decade or so redressed that a good deal. He played here in Glasgow several years back on stage with J Mascis as guest musician to great acclaim, and of course the Stooges' reunion for the Weirdness did much to cement his reputation for younger Iggy fans.

Nice to finally read your friend, Kim's reminiscences on Ann Arbor in the 70s.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I learned of Rory Gallagher's death about half a year after he'd died. That was before I started using a computer. I read about Asheton's death here first, about four hours after the bad news broke. Now I know when everybody dies right quick.

Asheton played guitar on Funhouse, the best psychedelic album ever recorded. Six String Godzilla.

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