Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poetry is also for dogs

I really should do more with this blog. I didn't want all of February to go by without a post.


Poetry of the Day said...

poetry is for everybody!

Jon said...

There's a poem out there for everyone. I notice that this dog is not only a lover of poetry but a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. We, to use the editorial we and not the royal We, are not impressed.

Anonymous said...

causing a stir in that big boy :)
i enjoy your writing more than Ginsberg's Jon :)
talk soon,

Anonymous said...

Yes do more w/ this dlog. Maybe, but he does seem to do listening so well maybe it makes up for 'is other defects.

Jon said...

I dunno, the furniture doesn't look too chewed up. I think he's a GOOD DOG with a keen ear for literature. I had a very good cat who enjoyed nature shows on TV.

uniplmr1 said...

one of the dogs that call our place home likes to sit with me in the bathroom. I'll try reading some Corso or Bukowski to her, see what she thinks....

Anonymous said...

The dog obviously appreciates your improving lung power and jarring sense of melody. For a moment, I thought he was gonna turn on the radio and we would hear the Doors singing "People Are Strange." I cannot figure out which one of you is more existential.

But seriously, the Cowboys?

ib said...

My god. I thought for a moment there you'd gone and bought yourself a dog, Jon.

I read the headline and my eyes got tricked.

"I really should do more with this dog." Like train it to play the ukulele and see what evolves from there.

The older kids have been hankering after a cat since before Christmas. A baby is enough for now. But it remains a distinct possibility. I am a poor excuse for a Santa Claus.

Jon said...

Ib! If you'd been following my Facebook adventures you'd know that I did, in fact have a disastrous but brief episode of dog ownership. I took in a traumatized shelter dog whose problems were more than I could handle on my own. He trashed the house and pissed all over everything in sight, chewed up everything he could get his teeth around and screamed horribly if he was left alone for more than one minute. After three exhausting weeks I gave up and begged the shelter to take him back.
Since then I've done a lot of reading on dog training and troubled dogs and come to the conclusion that doggies need a lot of input to learn how to behave. A house full of kids would be the perfect training ground. A lone divorcee who likes to spend several hours a day computing and reading does not make a good dog trainer but your household would produce a happy, well behaved dog.
Do it. You could become, along with Beer and Tim, a poet of doggies. You three could form an international school of doggie poets. I'd read your stuff.

ib said...

My suspicions are confirmed.

Sorry it didn't work out. I have stayed away from FB, as from the plague I initially feared it to be, after reading some scaremongering security dos and don'ts. Probably nothing, mind you. I am getting mightily cautious for someone who still has scars from the DMCA pogroms.

We've thought about getting a dog, but we're still far from settled. Most of our stuff is still in cardboard boxes, although the kids unpacked all their gear months ago.

I don't know. The consensus appears to be in favour of a cat. Less demanding. We shall see. Any more scrabbling feet on our creaking floors and we will all be sharing dinner with the neighbours downstairs. A cat is definitely lighter on its paws.

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