Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breakeroo! Still Keeping It To Once A Month.

I sent this song to Blogpal Devil Dick but I enjoyed it so much I had to share it with the whole darn blogosphere.
It seems obvious to me that the guy who recorded this is gay. Gay people often have much better and more subversive senses of humor than straight people. That makes the song sort of a double joke. I used to listen to it with my friend, Vern. Vern was a real cowboy, raised on a ranch training rodeo horses. Among other things he used to drive big rigs over the road. He was also gay.
We shared a deep and abiding love of beer and old country songs. When I played this one for him he laughed so hard he pissed himself. I'm sure the beer didn't help.
Last I heard from him, Vern was working for the CHP in Southern California. This goes out to him and all of the other gay rednecks on I-5

C.B Savage- Rod Hart (buy it if you can find it)

Update- Turns out the whole album is available to download at Amazon. Bread on the waters!


Anonymous said...

gave a listen the other night.

Devil Dick said...

so awesome!

Jon said...

DD did you check out the link I sent to "The Ballad of Ben Gay"?

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