Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello, hello! Greetings and welcome

People keep coming here. Some of you seem to come here more often than me. Sometimes I think I should say something about my current situation.  My current situation is fine. I go for acupuncture twice a week. I can breathe. I go for long walks with my friend, Mark. I play the ukulele every day. Sometimes I go to Oakland and take lessons from Tippy Canoe. It's OK.

I seem to have landed a job. I'm going back to work for a company I worked for 26 years ago. I WILL NOT be driving. I'll be working in the office and the shop 2 days a week. I'll be working for my old bosses' son. Back in the day I was a young hot shot. Now they want me to be an old pro. It's OK.

I suppose I'll have to do something with this blog soon. Thanks awfully for coming here.


Devil Dick said...

thnx for havin' us! good luck wit the job!

@eloh said...

Hey, that's good, hope they don't try to slide those two days into full time...

Your last post made me sad, cause I have a chicken story with a sad ending too.

Jon said...

Thanks DD. Good to hear from you.
@eloh, my grandma had a story, every time she picked a chicken and made a pet of it she'd end up having to eat it for Sunday dinner.
As to the job. I've made it clear that I want the job, but I don't need it. If they go beyond my limits I'll say no. The boss seemed to understand. We'll see. I might even like the job, in which case more hours wouldn't be so bad. If I don't like it much, but feel like I can do it, two days should be bearable.

RossK said...

Hey Jon-

Have I told you how much I always enjoy visiting your place lately?

The Rednecks on the Edge of Redwoods post really made me smile in recognition.



sfmike said...

Dude, I don't have too many people bookmarked but for some reason this place is one of them. So broadcast occasionally, and we can all read between the lines.

And two-days a week jobs are good. There's structure and a place to go to where you can get work done with a group, which can be fun. Plus, as the old fart, you really do get to play wise and say, as I said a couple of times at the census bureau headquarters, "No fucking way am I loading all those boxes off that truck. I'm OLD and the knees are not working quite the way they should be."

If you ever make it to San Francisco, give a call. Michael Strickland, in the phone book. My "domestic partner" just bought a nice ukelele a couple of weeks ago and is fast falling in love with it after playing a guitar for years. So bring your instrument too.

Jon said...

Hey Ross, Are we still on for busking in July?

MIke, Gosh, you've got the classiest blog. I'm honored and I still have your number.

Alla you guys. Thanks for the nice comments. I'm not giving up on the blog. I just haven't been getting around to it.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My grandma worked at least a day a week until she was in her early '80s. Her earnings were set aside for a rainy day that never came and bottles of gin.

I do like the idea of taking lessons when you are retired. It is never too late to learn something.

Anonymous said...

keep us posted on how the job is Jon :)

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