Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Had To Tell You

Despite appearances, I am not dead, yet. I wanted to do something nice for the few misguided souls who find their way here. Bless you all. A couple of months ago I mentioned that (the) Volebeats are my new faves. So look, let me share the best 13th Floor Elevators cover ever recorded:

I Had To Tell You- Volebeats(buy)

I am familiar with the Eye Meets The Pyramid compilation. I"m very fond of it, but this beats anything on that fine collection.

Every day I see something interesting or think something interesting and I say, "I'll have to write about that", then I continue to muddle through my day until I am allowed to collapse on my lonesome pallet. (sob) Maybe I can break my leg or something so I can get in some writing.

One piece of exciting news: I have been appointed as my local's delegate to the North Bay Central Labor Council. This means that once a year, on Labor Day no less, I will have to get up early to serve pancakes at the Carpenter's hall for the Labor Day breakfast. Nice to know that someone thought about me though.

'Til next time.


@eloh said...

This is really good stuff. When I realized it was looped, I just let it run while I read and caught up on some blogs.

You need to jump over and read Whoopee, it's a good one.

I had an old "relative" show up on my blog. So much for freedom of speech. I may have to rent an to speak. If I do I'll let you know.

My daughter gave her my blog address instead of e-mail, since my blog is public....usually this is my smart child.

Jon said...

I have never mentioned this blog to members of my family. As a rule, when I mention something that I enjoy, they look away and say, "That's stupid. Why would you want to waste your time on that?"

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