Saturday, March 14, 2009

Young Joel

I went to a pretty good meeting in SF yesterday. I was supposed to meet up with Frankie from Ex Con Alcoholic's Etc. Frankie couldn't make it, but I ran into Joel instead. Last time I saw Joel, the road ahead was starting to narrow. He was quite drunk, had been kicked out of some rehab or other, lost his girlfriend, job and apartment and didn't seem to know what came next. It made me feel bad, because he is a great guy, smart, funny, good looking with a cool cat exterior and the soul of a nerdish record collector. Joel and I have shared a lot of cool records between us.

So, I'm sitting in the meeting, keeping an eye on the door, when who should walk in but young Joel. I jumped up, ran over and hugged him. Afterwards he introduced me to a bunch of people. He kept saying, "Jon was the first person I met who was sober and cool." Aww shucks Joel. Oh and happy 18 month birthday, congrats on job, apartment etc.

Joel turned me on to The's.

My Boyfriend From Outer Space - The
You OK Frank?


JustFrankie said...

Yeah Jon, I'm great, I will be attending the noon meeting tomorrow and will be looking for Joel. Had some Dr. crap, TB tests in order for me to not get kicked out of the parolee house this week, Hope to see you there also. It's a very tight knot meeting and once I find a sponsor I'll be even better.

Hey that road rage incident happened in front of the bus lot not 10th st. Thought You might have seen it.

Your driver said...

Frank, I'll try and be there tomorrow. I met someone at my home group in Forestville. He's relatively new. Turns out he's from SF and attends that meeting often. I would have liked to see you there, but understood that we hadn't made plans and you are busy. Everything turned out great as I was able to connect with Joel. I also enjoyed the meeting. I used to go to a lot of financial district meetings. What a difference! I liked the high noon group much better. No suits. No talking about owing an amends to your corporation. More like people I can understand. Sometimes it is good to stretch yourself to make a connection, but it is also good to feel at home.

Watch out for that block on Harrison! It is road rage central. Too many people coming off the freeway in too big of a hurry. It takes them a couple of blocks to slow down mentally. I got in a spectacularly stupid accident with one of our own buses because I misread some guy in a car. I missed him, hit the bus instead. He stopped in front of me to flip me off anyhow.

I would have gotten in a lot more trouble except, just then, somebody else knocked down a lamp post and blocked Harrison Street for most of an hour. My little mishap got lost in the general cluster fuck. I filed a report, it went in my file. That was that.

At least we're not working in cubicles.

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