Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Ukulele tune

Nice little tune by a father/daughter duo, The Barnkickers.

I spent Saturday afternoon with my friend, Gary Timmons. Gary is a luthier. He builds mandolins, but I've got him interested in ukuleles. We hung out in Gary's shop and talked about music and musical instruments while Gary did small woodworking tasks. Here's a picture of Gary with a gigantic Irish Bouzouki. The back and sides are made from a spectacular "quilted" maple.

Not the best picture, and not the best picture of Gary either. Forgive me, I'm learning how to use this camera. I'll try and post some more pics of Gary and his work later. Unfortunately, he had no finished instruments to show off.

If you're interested in one of Gary's mandolins, you can contact him at,
gtimmons (AT) sonic (DOT) net


Sarah said...

This is my favorite ukulele ditty ... and actually, it's maybe the only one I've ever paid attention to. And I have no idea who's actually playing it. Might be ol' Steve, himself.

Your driver said...

Janet Klein does a nice version of this song. Link to her website is on the right.

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