Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm busy with real life. Dammit this actual reality stuff sure does eat up the time.

My friend at Hagar's Daughters has given me a 'Superior Scribbler Award'. HD has always encouraged me to blog and I certainly appreciate the honor.

I'm not going to follow the rules for the award though. It reminds me too much of a those chain letters that threaten bad luck if they are not forwarded. I love the blogosphere. I could spend all day reading posts by real people. Sometimes I do just that. Most of my favorites are linked on the right side of this page. I try and update my links from time to time. Check them out.

Back to real life.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I am so old that I barely have enough energy to watch this, but almost 40 years ago I was a White Panther and a follower of the MC5. I just saw this video today, on a big screen and loud. Turn it up as loud as you can. These guys are the first worthy successors I've ever heard to the mighty MC5!

Feel free to leave comments telling me how wrong I am.

The Greatest Gus and Fin video ever

Gus and Fin perform 'Grow Fins' by Captain Beefheart, on melodica. I was disappointed that they did not include some ukulele, because I think the world is ready for ukulele Beefheart. Offering a dance interpretation of their melodica interpretation is Sheree, performing her Tiger Dance. Seriously, why aren't these guys big stars? Because I'd resent them and get all snotty about it if they were big stars. They are big stars to me.

Here they are with the greatest ukulele instructional video ever.

Gus and Fin, otherwise known as GUGUG are from Glasgow, in Scotland, which is the same country that our friend Ib from Siblingshot lives in. Ib is a really talented guy; been sounding a bit down lately. Maybe he needs to look these guys up and take some ukulele lessons.

Why am I watching videos and posting them here? Because Mike Whybark is coming here with his wife, tomorrow. I'm supposed to be scrubbing the bathroom and putting all of the glasses in those little plastic wrappers, not to mention the paper strip sealing off the toilet.

More about Madame Pamita

This Saturday!
The Grand Annex

Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys
Madame Pamita, the World's Foremost Euphonious Prognosticator

Here's the Former!

Here's the Latter!

A Splendid Orchestra
is in town, but has not been engaged
A Den of Ferocious Wild Beasts
Will be on exhibition across town at the Los Angeles Zoological Gardens
Magnificent Fireworks
Were in contemplation for this ocassion, but the idea has been abandoned
A Grand Torchlight Procession
May be expected; in fact, the public are privileged to expect whatever they please.

The Trouble to Begin at Eight O'clock!

Do not fail to attend!

Saturday, November the 22nd
At 8:00 PM

The Grand Annex
434 W. 6th St
San Pedro, California 90731

All Ages
$15 Pre-Sale

Janet Klein takes you back to a gentler time with her quirky, clever and sweet style of entertainment. Her enchanting voice, expert ukulele playing, and interpretative take on songs from the 1910’s, 20’s and 30’s immediately draws you in. Her reverence for a bygone era and her uncanny ability to make it come alive is a rare treat for the sentimentalist in all of us.

Madame Pamita takes you back to a time when people were shot in bars over Stetson hats and all manner of illicit substances were available over the counter in pharmacies... in children's remedies! Ah! The good old days! Musical Mayhem and Mystical Marvels! Fortune Telling, Mirth and Music from the 1800s through the 1920s on a bizarre amalgam of curious antique instruments.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Edward Sanders is my favorite living poet. He's come out with a new book, 'Poems For New Orleans'. This one seems sort of timely.

Groups Puling Groups

Just as Earth First!, Greenpeace andEdward Abbey novels
Pulled environmental groups
                                        to take stronger stances

so too the "Share Our Wealth" plans of
Senator Huey Long

sang Franklin Roosevelt
to the left- helped bring about
the WPA, government pensions
artists in post offices
                           & interventions in the market
                           to lessen the depredations of capitalism

Yay, Huey!

This is not my first economic crisis. It probably won't be my last. On my list of dubious accomplishments are brief careers as an Autoworker and a Steelworker. I could care less about investment bankers. I don't care much about automobile company executives either. I do care about the few remaining American manufacturing workers.

I've signed the online petitions and sent emails to my elected officials, yawn. I want some of this bailout money to go to the auto industry. Failing a better plan, it seems like an idea worth trying.

However, Carl Bloice at The Black Commentator might just have a better plan: "Nationalize the industry." I like it.

Here's part of what he suggests:

"The potential devastation of bankruptcies in any part of the auto industry is being understated. There are a couple of million retired autoworkers whose pensions and health care coverage are at stake. Many of them have yet to reach the age for receiving Social Security and yet would be severely disadvantaged in today’s labor market. Then there are the millions employed in auxiliary services dependent on auto making.

We could simply takeover the industry with the understanding that thousands of engineers and technicians would be mobilized to design and make functional and efficient “green” cars. And, tens of thousands of auto workers could be put to work building them. Of course, this would not employ all of those about to be laid off. They could be retrained to work in other new green industries, building wind turbines, solar panels, mass transit lines and recycling factories. It would provide jobs for hundreds of thousands and provide new hope for young people entering the workforce in Michigan, Kentucky and elsewhere."

Makes some kind of sense to me.
Destruction Of A Good Town - Par Five

Monday, November 10, 2008

You're wondering now.

I have a bit of an Obama hangover. I woke up yesterday thinking, "He's just a politician. It doesn't mean a thing." I suppose it was inevitable that I would have some kind of backlash after the rush of emotions I felt on election night. The future, to quote rockstars like an old hippy, is unwritten. I did almost nothing today. Played the ukulele a bit.

That's a Macafierri Islander he's playing: a plastic ukulele from the '60's. They cost less than $10 back then. Now they're selling for $150 in good condition. Goes to show you can do a lot with a little. Or something.

Oh and since I live in California- Prop 8 should not have passed. It is never right to let the majority decide the rights of a minority. At best, that's privilege extended.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Something good for a change

Almost no traffic in San Francisco tonight but the sidewalks were crowded with people walking around smiling at each other.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Haven't been feeling well, again, so I was home playing the ukulele and looking at other players on YouTube. I came across this guy. Now I know what I aspire to. There's lots of good players out there, and even more fun players, but I wanna be this guy when I grow up. His ukulele, by the way, is a Republic. If you can find one, and I can't, they're relatively inexpensive. A lot of people with thousands to drop on a ukulele have given Republics bad reviews. Clearly it's the player not the instrument.

And while we're getting all poetical

Fuck California Proposition 4. And the Knights of Columbus and, with honorable exceptions, and they are few, the Catholic clergy. Besides, this is another poem that mentions buses.

How could I not post a video that includes poetry, ukuleles and buses? Now if they could have just worked in something about recovery and left wing politics.

I'm feeling a certain guarded optimism. I've been on the losing side since I was a teenager. I think I can handle the change.
Image stolen from Happy Fun Ball.
Barn Burning - The Blasters

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another sucky night

People romanticize small town Saturday nights. This looks like another sucky night at the Legion Hall to me. I'll bet that drummer couldn't keep time on a Rolex. The two old guys are scowling because they're afraid somebody might be having a good time. Still, this is my favorite picture lately, because those dancers are sure making the best of it. Stolen from Big Rock Candy Mountain.
Life Is Grand - Camper Van Beethoven

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