Saturday, March 14, 2009

Workers are taking matters into their own hands

That's what the video says. Really, I think it's about time to throw things at our bosses and set a few tires on fire. I mean, at the very fucking least.

Incredibly, the Large Iron Bridge is hiring a few bus drivers. This is a good thing. One of the new drivers is a laid off banker. He's a member of the Conra Costa county Chicano Republican club. He seems like a personally nice enough fellow, but he needs some serious smartening up. He told me that I don't know what lay offs are like, what with my lucking into a secure job.

For one thing, I didn't luck into the motherfucker, I worked my ass off getting this job and I've worked my ass off keeping it. I knew exactly what I was trying to do and luck had relatively little to do with it. I'm glad to hear that even bankers can get lucky from time to time.

For another thing, when they close up the entire financial district, tear down the buildings, let the field sit vacant for a few years and then turn it into a park, he'll know what I know about layoffs. If that should happen, and I hope it does, I hope he lives long enough to see politicians standing in their brand new park shaking hands and congratulating themselves on what a good job they've done getting rid of that eyesore financial district.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Don't you think justice would be better served if Bernie Madoff got to drive a bus the rest of his days instead of going to jail?

Your driver said...

I've seen a lot of cocky motherfuckers come into my job with a "how hard can this be?" attitude. A lot of them find out that they can't handle the job. Madoff wouldn't make it through the obstacle course in training class. I do think that work would be a just punishment for him, maybe on the line in a Chinese car factory.

ib said...

"...lucking into a secure job".

You have to laugh. Or even just grimace.

WV= "impla"

Do they still make Impalas ? Maybe your laid off banker friend could "luck" himself into a position in auto manufacture ? After all, how hard can it be ?

Your driver said...

I believe they are making Impalas in Mexico. The Mexican maquilladoras are closing and moving to China. Millions of poor Mexican farmers walked hundreds and even thousands of miles to La Frontera to take jobs building American consumer goods for ten dollars a day. Now those factories are closing and millions of Mexican workers are crossing La Frontera and dying in the Arizona desert. If, by chance, they survive, they are hoping for jobs paying fifty dollars a day in American service industry. Maybe Madoff should have to borrow a year's wages to una guia who will attempt to guide him through the Cabeza Prieta wilderness in the summer time. If he survives, he could try his luck getting to Ciudad Juarez where he could apply to GMC de Mexico. If he fails to find work and pay off the coyotes they can go to his penthouse and kill his wife. I mean, a deal's a deal and we're awfully sorry for what we have to do. Right Bernie?

ib said...

"Bernie [Madoff] knows, so don't argue..."

I like that bit about paying off the coyotes.

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