Monday, July 25, 2011

The secret world of compulsive writers.

Tim, from Poop In The Pipes dropped by for coffee today. Tim is like me, he writes because he has to.

Look, I have posted some fairly personal and emotional stuff lately. Let me make something clear, what I'm doing here is called writing. I am not ranting. I am not engaging in emotional diatribes. I am thinking my feelings through as best I can and then writing them down while they are still fresh. I review what I've written. I make revisions. I discard drafts and start again. I am trying to take raw emotions and make them into something like literature.

You can dislike what I've written. That's OK. Just understand that I am trying to take my experiences of life and understand them by writing about them in a conscious and deliberate way. If I was a songwriter or a painter some of you might understand what I am trying to do. You might enjoy my work and say that I was "passionate".  You might even understand that, even though I usually write in the first person, I am not always the person who speaks in my writing.

I have friends in the real world. I have a support network. I am part of other people's support networks. There are wise elders and trusted counselors in my life. I don't write because I have no outlets. I write because I have to.

And what exactly is it you do with them when they can't take a joke?


ish said...

Well said. Having something to express transforms mere oversharing into something more meaningful, I think. I can think of quite a lot of things I have written about -- and many more I would like to write about -- that involve the courage to face stuff that's otherwise just careening around inside my head. Set it free, that's what I say.

Toxic Reverend said...

Kewl Jon. Bye the way, facebook is sinking, but will Google+ do any better ?

Toxic Reverend aka Tom Krohmer Google + >>​1485701979929741583/posts

Khris :-) said...

Madoc and I were just talking about the people who are compelled to make or create stuff vs. the people who are satisfied with watching or consuming. Both sides of that equation are needed I suppose. I have a need to make and create but I also enjoy consuming... reading, watching, listening.

Being away from Sonoma County for so long I wondered about one of your journeys. I can totally get that people who are not interested in getting well can have trouble when they are suddenly faced with the idea of getting better, regardless what the situation might be...

Tim said...

So, now..... since I've had my saintly visage shown on another persons blog, am I famous?
I feel pretty famous, I think.
Don't sweat it Jon, if you were sweating it, I say you are alright. Plus, you make good coffee and you have a horse in your backyard.

Your driver said...

Yes Tim, you're famous and I'm just fine. Everything is working itself out and I will probably start getting enough sleep any day now.

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