Monday, July 18, 2011

Shit happens.

I was kidnapped by a mermaid. She took me to her underwater lair and showed me the secret pleasures of the sea. Now I find myself washed up on shore, wandering the waterfront where the other sailors consider me mad.

Damn, life, boy, it's the only thing worth living for. 


Nazz Nomad said...

I did not realize you were back in the blogosphere. My bad. You better keep it up!

theo said...

Beauty! You are an effing romantic, Jon.

theo said...

Hey Jon,
You and Beer help me stay on track. Okay,(not your style anymore) so does alcohol. Plus doodling with a colouring book fixation. Keep on posting amigo!

ish said...

Woohoo. Now look what you've done.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

And you thought blogging was for assholes.

Your driver said...

Ian, but for the sheer silliness of the whole thing I would have run off to Brooklyn. I might yet. Brooklyn is as close to New Jersey as I'm really willing to get. Sounds like you'll be needing a tenant to pay your mortgage. Then again, if I'm going to be poor and crazy I might as well do it where the weather's nicer.

Beer, blogging serves it's purposes. I just found other outlets for idle chatter.

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