Friday, March 12, 2010

Sometimes I just love San Francisco. It's this jumble of shapes and perspectives and colors. I've never been any place like it. On the other hand, it's no bargain.

This swell photo was stolen from the SFist blog.


Anonymous said...


i've been to S.F. several times in my life...and then also spent that time up in sonoma county (petaluma)...

S.F. is truly a beautiful of the most beautiful i've seen....

i remember the last two times...once when i was 21 and the other time when i was 35 feeling like i was ready to 'split' out of the city at the end of the day...of course i had no flat/place to crash at, but it did feel like the city's energy pulled the energy out of me...wonder what it would be like to stay there for a long period of time?

and's 'no bargain'


p.s. interesting 'tattoo' selections for the young lady :)

Your driver said...

Hi Todd, yeah, San Francisco is a pretty intense place unless you have someplace safe to withdraw to. When I lived there I was always in noisy dangerous neighborhoods and I never felt like I belonged there. I never felt like it was safe to let down my guard.

Nowadays I get to stay with friends who have nice homes and quiet spare bedrooms. That changes everything. Also, spending 22 years working for the Golden Gate Bridge made me feel a lot more like I'd earned my place in the city.

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