Thursday, March 11, 2010

Come to Jesus

Hat tip, as they used to say, to Michael Homan. This is a spectacular piece of calligraphy, and it's one of my favorite Bible books but you know I also just kinda like looking at it.

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@eloh said...

What I see... is a bunch of nurses trying to read it fifty years from now in some nursing home.

Your driver said...

Well yes, vanity vanity all is vanity. Or a song title, "Grandma's got a tattoo on her ass". I don't think you're tattooed or you'd know that the thought of getting old with your tattoos and watching them blur and fade is part of it. A metaphor for aging and death. In old age a tangible proof that you've been on some wild rides.

That and i suspect that, were this tattoo on the butt of a studly dude, you would see something else.

@eloh said...

Point well taken.

ish said...

That's a cool tattoo. I really want some words on me...I'm having trouble settling for which ones.

A friend of mine has announced his plan to get the names of all his dead friends tattooed on. Which flies in the face of advice I once heard a father earnestly deliver to his very young son on the subway, "Don't get nobody's name put on you except your momma's."

I'm veering toward "The Creator Has A Master Plan" which resonates with me even though it's not exactly what I believe about God.

Your driver said...

Ian, at some point I had to stop the memorials. Too many dead people. Otherwise I like words in tattoos.
Let's see here-' Who was then the gentleman?'- 'Nolite confarmari huic a seculo'- 'So long Stevie'- 'Hold Fast'- 'Holy! Holy! The world is holy!'- Something in Greek that looks like 'Idiote' it can mean idiot, or average citizen, not one of the elite.-'Ich Dien', which is German for I serve- 'ONWARD'.
That's all the different words I've got written in my skin. I think it's probably OK to get your kid's names put on you, but beware of sweet heart's names. Even if you're married. Bad luck for the relationship.
Tattoos are poetry not prose, chess not checkers. You get them for what they mean to you not for what they "mean".

Nazz Nomad said...

it would be cool if she had that passage done in braille.

ish said...

Speaking of Jesus, I saw this unlikely poem in a very unlikely place and thought of you.

I haven't digested it...I know nothing of its writer, but it's rather beautiful.

ish said...

PS the poet turns out to have been an Iraqi communist who died in the 1960s.

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