Wednesday, September 21, 2011

thought for the day


Nazz Nomad said...

you're not supposed to talk about fight club!

dearkitty said...

Hi Jon, off topic; to tell you that Blogsome will stop hosting my over 13,000 blog posts and all the other bloggers there will be deleted too.

I am desperately transfering my posts to http//

All the best with your life and blogging!

Your driver said...

Hi Kitty, I've already transferred to the new blog on my news reader.

dearkitty said...

Sorry Jon, I changed my mind, as WordPress seems to be better for blogging.

So, please, change your bookmarks, rss readers, etc. to my new blog

Best wishes to you!

dearkitty said...

I really enjoy your blog . That’s why I’ve awarded you The Kreativ Blogger Award. If you’ve received it already, just know I think you deserve another! You can receive it here.

RossK said...

'Song For Jon' now up

It sounds like its covered in three feet of thick moss and buried at the bottom of a peat bog, but what the heckfire, I do live in a flippin' rain forest.


Tim said...'re getting famous or some shit. Duck the eyeballs, get the money, stay down is what I say. Fame is bad JuJu baby.

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