Sunday, August 1, 2010

World of Dispensation

Because life is not all silly songs. Sometimes life is beautiful songs. Around the time this came out I was suffering from some kind of brain fever. Too much liquor, guns, drugs, unhappy girls, poverty and small town life. I was turning into a grown up and life was not trending in a grownup direction. There were, however, these moments of unbelievable clarity. I didn't know what to do with them. The fever would break and I would be granted a moment of peace. Hearing this song was one of those moments.

World Of Dispensation- Singers And Players (Buy everything they ever recorded. Do it.)


ish said...

I'm quite liking this, thanks. Never heard of them! Not meaning to cheapen your experience of this song in real life, it would actually make a perfect opening song to an HBO/verite tv show about "Too much liquor, guns, drugs, unhappy girls, poverty and small town life."

My word verification is "pridesse"

Your driver said...

Yeah, that's the trouble with time. When this came out there was nothing like it. It was the craziest minimalist music I'd ever heard. People asked me how i could even listen to it. 28 years later if you were to take this song and remove it's brains, heart and genitals you would have a modern club hit. If you dumbed it down even further you would have new age meditation music for massage therapists. I'm sure some Hollywood hepcat, hired straight outta Brown University to be a music consultant for HBO would be very proud of himself if he could get this accepted as the theme music for a new show that was in development.
When I spoke about my experiences with "liquor, guns, drugs etc." I wasn't talking about desperate people in dire circumstances. I was talking about being a young moron in a backwater college town. It would probably make more sense if it was on comedy central.

ib said...

There is a strange symmetry at work here.

This is actually a reply to the comment you left over on my King Tubby post. On-U-Sound keeps fluttering up recently. I saw this post and didn't recognise the sleeve. I don't remember "World of Dispensation", and didn't make the association with "Bedford The Flying Preacher" which is also on this LP. I do remember that one - with Far I - and "African Blood" with Congo Ashanti Roy. I think it was maybe released as a single.

Now that you put this into the context of what you were going through it makes perfect sense. As a soundtrack.

Like ish, I liked that line about "too much liquor, drugs..."

I liked your rejoinder about "comedy central" even better.

I will be getting ahold of "Staggering Heights". Assuredly.

Civic Center said...

Dear Jon: A Burning Man ladyfriend named affinity who works at their Art Foundation left you the following note on my blog post about the Raygun Gothic Rocketship

Jon: If you email me with your Snail Mail address I might have a little surprise for you.

I think it has something to do with rocketships and/or ukeleles.

All the best,
Michael Strickland

Your driver said...

Thanks Mike, I saw that and got in touch. A gorgeous rocket ship sticker arrived in the mail today. It's on the case where I keep the rocket ship ukulele.

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