Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas With The Devil

Devil Dick from The Devil's Music blog asked me to help him to understand the Holy Modal Rounders. I promised him a couple of downloads and, finally, here they are. Technical difficulties don'tchaknow. Merry Christmas Devil Dick. I'll be putting up my sparkly, black Elvis tree in a week or two.

Half A MInd- Holy Modal Rounders (Buy)

Dame Fortune- Holy Modal Rounders (Buy)

Here's a special holiday bonus. I've heard some of the New Weird America bands. Mostly, they don't work for me. Drakkar Sauna from Lawrence, Kansas comes closest to capturing the Rounders feel.

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two Bush Administrations- Drakkar Sauna (Buy)


Nazz Nomad said...

thanks for these tunes- although i think drakkar sounds more like the fugs.

Your driver said...

Stampfel and Weber of the Rounders were fugs for a while.

Devil Dick said...

many thanks kind sir!

merry happy and all that jazzy new year stuff from NJ...!

Devil Dick said...

oh yeah, i WILL return the favor soon enough as i have pulled my copies of rip van winkle and mr bass man 45's for you. I just gotta get off my lazy ass and make it happen.... but it will!


@eloh said...

The voice in Half a Mind reminds me of someone else... due to only having half a mind I can't put my finger on the name.

When I hit down time it always takes me forever to catch up on the music spots. I save them like secret candy for my quiet time.

I liked Dame Fortune.

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